Synergine – The Art of Inquiry

Are you an active entrepreneur, visionary, or a manager? An owner of midsize or large company, who has primary interest in improving your own company – improving controlling processes and their effectiveness? Are you seeking new possibilities of expansion/growth and competitive advantage? Do you feel there must be a better way of operating, but do not know how to approach it?

Do you feel “IT” is currently something “unknown” to you, confusing, and as just repeating costs with unclear benefit to your company? Do you feel yourself being influenced by IT department and dependent on their decisions, but at the same time you feel the need for something flexible which would accept “the change” as a natural part of company’s business processes; and not as an obstacle?

Does your company have all major business processes already supported typically with the help of an ERP system, but lacks the automation of routine daily tasks and activities across various processes, typically human involved, document and data sharing, (micro)decision making, delegating, approving and evaluating with clear requirements on data integrity across all systems?

Do not just think IT, think creaITively!
Let us reveal your true needs/requirements.

Products & services

  • Xeelo – business processes platform Product of our partner company Xeelo Ltd.
  • InQ – inspired by questioning Simple education platform
  • – odour complaints evidence and evaluation of their legitimacy To access the administration section, write to

Business Wellbeing and Process Harmonization

  • Vision, Strategy, Business Requirements
  • Analysis, Architecture and Specification
  • Control and Management Process Automation, Data Integrity

Business Education

  • inQ – Inspired by Questioning
  • Educational Programs, Testing and Certification
  • Coaching and Consultancy for Business Targets Formulation

Business Sharing

  • Project and Consultancy Services
  • CreaITive Custom-build Software
  • Requirements and Change Management

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